Echo In The Void.


(how I feel about exams)

Just about summarizes my life!!
Good night!
 Things in the dark
    exist but are not realized.
    Perhaps with wings
    they wait for enacting light.
    I start out as the sky descends
    to the visible spectrum and begins.
    Midmorning I find in a lab
    a blue magnetic fluid:
    revolving in the stress of gauss,
    the source of blue resides.
    November nights, up to the first snow,
    derive from this seat of blue.

    I spend a month reflecting at Palomar.
    My delicate fourteen tons
    I bring to bear
    on galaxies: their lonely shine
    on my dustless, understanding curve.
    I come to a mountain out of season.
    The brass benchmark telling the height
    is under ice.
    Without witness, without cease
    a blizzard
    pummels the summit’s face.

    I reach the pole. Here at the axis
    the wobble and grind is audible.
    My compass tries to point straight down.
    It, too, deceived: Having achieved
    one absolute, the source of north,
    to find that south surrounds, is all but it.
    The Humboldt Current has my boat
    and its mile of line straight down.
    Now and then, fishermen haul in
    the inexplicable
    along with seabream, haddock, squid.
    I hook a coelacanth, thought long
    extinct, and brain it with an oar.

    Nose to the bottom
    I shove off from the hundred fathom curve.
    Slow footage of mud unreeling through my mind,
    the miles of decline become my age.
    Hauled up someday by accident,
    rupturing in the lost pressure,
    my look will say how knowing feels.
    Living among the trilobites
    I learn you cross great lengths of time
    by stilling the waiting in yourself.
    From scavengers I see how you can live
    off your own dead kind.
    I gum the grit of a tidal flat
    and have no name.
    A chance letter brings me home,
    telling how I was found.
    Returned I sit
    like water in a jar,
    light from a window passing through,
    a slow rain of precipitate
    remembering the bottom.
-John Barr

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